Thymogam Antithymocyte 250 mg Injection

Thymogam Antithymocyte 250 mg Injection

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What Is The Use Of Thymogam 250 Mg Injection ?

Antithymocyte Globulin Is Used Together With Other Medicines To Prevent Your Body From Rejecting A Kidney Transplant.

What Is The Important Safety Information Of Thymogam 250 Mg Injection ?

  •     Before Receiving This Medication, Tell Your Doctor Or Pharmacist If You Are Allergic To It;
  •     Tell Your Doctor Your Medical History, Especially Of: Bleeding/blood Clotting Problems, Recent/current Infections.
  •     This Medication May Increase The Risk Of Developing Certain Types Of Cancer. Consult Your Doctor For Details.

What Are The Possible Side-effects Of Thymogam 250 Mg Injection ?

Fever, Chills, Body Aches, Flu Symptoms; Mouth And Throat Ulcers; Rapid Heart Rate, Rapid And Shallow Breathing; Feeling Like You Might Pass Out.

Call Your Doctor At Once If You Have A Serious Side Effect Such As:

Easy Bruising, Unusual Bleeding (nose, Mouth, Vagina, Or Rectum), Purple Or Red Pinpoint Spots Under Your Skin; Swollen Glands, Pain Or Burning When You Urinate; Dry Cough, Wheezing, Feeling Short Of Breath; Chest Pain Or Heavy Feeling, Pain Spreading To The Arm Or Shoulder, Sweating, General Ill Feeling; Or High Potassium (slow Heart Rate, Weak Pulse, Muscle Weakness, Tingly Feeling).

This Is Not A Complete List Of All Side Effects That May Occur. If You Have Questions About Side Effects, Contact Your Health Care Provider. Call Your Doctor For Medical Advice About Side Effects.