Zienam Imipenem & Cilastatin 500 mg Injection

Zienam Imipenem & Cilastatin 500 mg Injection

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What Is The Use Of Zienam 500 Mg Injection ?what Is Zienam 500 Mg Injection ?

Zienam Medication Is Used To Treat A Wide Variety Of Bacterial Infections.

Zienam Medication Is Known As A Carbapenem-type Antibiotic. It Works By Stopping The Growth Of Bacteria.

Tell Your Doctor Right Away If You Have Any Serious Side Effects, Including:

Dark Urine, Easy Bruising/bleeding, Hearing Changes (e.g., Decreased Hearing, Ringing In The Ears), Mental/mood Changes (e.g., Confusion, Hallucinations), Persistent Sore Throat/fever, Tingling Hands/feet, Yellowing Eyes/skin, Muscle Twitching/spasms.

This Is Not A Complete List Of All Side Effects That May Occur. If You Have Questions About Side Effects, Contact Your Health Care Provider. Call Your Doctor For Medical Advice About Side Effects.